Samsung S9 IQ Shield


  • Utilizes liquid solution for an easier, more precise installation
  • Constructed with four thin layers of high-quality protection
  • Completely invisible to the naked eye
  • Utilizes a UV protective layer to eliminate any yellowing
  • Tough, durable protective liner
  • Advanced adhesive that creates a strong bond between the film and your device
  • Won’t leave any sticky adhesive on your device

As we strive for perfection, we’re continually working on innovating new ways to keep our device screens’ protected. Along with our IQ Ultra Shield, we also engineer protective film that utilizes liquids during installation. The bottle of “installation solution” provided will allow you to easily slide your screen protector on your Galaxy S9 surface, providing an easier, more precise installation.

Our IQ Shield film is virtually invisible to the naked eye, and benefits on an innovative four layer structure: a UV protective layer that prevents your film from yellowing, a thermoplastic urethane layer for transparency and elasticity, a firm protective liner, and an advanced adhesive that’ll keep your IQ Shield stationary on your phone’s surface.